Introductory Posts: Fergus Nolan

I am is a researcher based in Memphis, TN.  I am an environmentalist, social activist, Greensward Protector, fully paid up geek, small businessman and inventor.  This is my introductory post to Memphis Truth Commission.

This site was set up to crowdsource transparency problems seen in the Memphis media and government.

This post, on City Council Chair, Berlin Boyd, is an example of the problems we face.  Mr Boyd is found to have claimed bogus academic degrees and to have falsely claimed to be a Real Estate Broker, while unlicensed, during the 2015 election campaign.  These claims were published without subsequent retraction, in the newspaper of record, The Commercial Appeal.   The material relating to Mr Boyd’s claims of being a Realtor was widely circulated to the media, social media and some of his opposing candidates during the campaign, and the story was not taken up by the media or the candidates.

Subsequently, the information in the piece was shared with a Commercial Appeal reporter in November of 2016.  This did not result in a correction of the record and the reporter, two months later, said he’s “looking into it”.   However, two links to stories in the CA archive, which were shared with this reporter, were seen to have been removed from the archive in January, 2017.   Mr Boyd’s LinkedIn profile had also gone from public view.

I have a  a record of public research.   Here are some of my previous publications.
MPD Policy Manual
Berlin Boyd’s itemized contributions from 2015 (xlsx)
I also engaged in back room research for the Greensward Protectors.



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