NEW: We uncover three related cover-ups in the Sheriff’s Dept.   FBI investigating.

Our focus on prosecutorial misconduct continues.   It is no secret, with Amy Weirich’s private reprimand for hiding exculpatory evidence in the Nuora Jackson case, that she is “one of the most problematic prosecutors in the entire country.”

Amy Weirich: Most Corrupt DA

In our deep dive into prosecutorial misconduct, we find prosecutors not only hiding evidence from the defense, but actively working with MPD and deputies to fabricate evidence, while judges give the nod to gross miscarriages of justice.   This did not start with Amy Weirich, we also show that the culture of “winning at all costs” was endemic during Bill Gibbons tenure as Shelby DA.

Our story includes two women who are suing the City, three prosecutors and three MPD cops for falsified evidence, a death row inmate whose trial featured a paid confidential informant who gave contradictory statements to media, and six other defendants whose prosecutors used the same unreliable CI to obtain false convictions.    One of the defendants in these cases was mysteriously killed.

Six defendants were arrested in 1997 for faked pot sales to a CI and subsequently prosecuted.   Earley Story is still fighting his conviction after twenty years.

Alfredo Shaw, CI#2282 featured in these cases, and also in the case of death row inmate Tony Carruthers.  We found seven defendants embroiled in his testimony and we think there are up to ten other defendants we have not found yet.   We followed up this feature with a sworn court record and a TV appearance in which the snitch retracted grand jury and court testimony.

Cases we are currently investigating include a massive cover-up of a murder in the Sheriff’s Dept.   We’re confirming details in this upcoming blockbuster story.   And we are constantly hearing from credible sources with more war stories from the courts.

See also:  our post about how Memphis Shelby Crime Commission, Amy Weirich and MPD invented a totally illegal new entry point into the criminal justice system with Authorization of Agency, which has hooked children as young as eleven into the criminal justice system.

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CI#2282 Alfredo Shaw.   The snitch who lied on death row inmate Tony Carruthers, and the six defendants in the 1997 arrests of three officers and three civilians.  We added a sworn statement and a TV tape of Shaw saying how he had been coached and paid to give false evidence.

Three related coverups, including the murder of a sheriff’s deputy.