Earley Story gets NPDF and Steve Cohen support.

Earley Story

Jailer Deputy Earley Story, who is fighting in court to overturn his twenty-year-old fraudulent conviction for concocted pot sales, appeared in court today, March 21st 2019.   His motion for summary judgement was rejected.

We covered his previous court appearance at the end of this post, which detailed the arguments on this motion.

Mr. Story’s next court date is April 5th, when his motion for judge Chris Craft to recuse himself will be heard.

National Police Defense Foundation support

The NPDF, which has supported Earley Story since 1997 when he was first prosecuted, has asked Congressman Steve Cohen to request an FBI investigation, on the basis that Mr. Story’s civil rights have been violated.   Read more in Sharon Rondeau’s The Post and Email blog.   An FBI inquiry is needed.

Support Group

MemphisTruth.org is sponsoring a new group, for victims of prosecutorial misconduct.   The first meeting is scheduled for Saturday 23rd.   Contact us for details.   This is an activist group which seeks to document abuses in the criminal justice system.   These are people who know, at first hand, how corruption operates in our courts.

2 thoughts on “Earley Story gets NPDF and Steve Cohen support.

  1. The motion that judge Craft denied today is the same default motion that he denied orally on Marc 4, 2019, claiming that the court never received the motion!


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