Police Series

Our series on Memphis Police Department.


We scooped the conventional media with our A-list breaking news.

NEWAuthorization of Agency initial report with research data.
AoA additional analysis.

Activist group engages in intelligence battle with Tenn. LE and wins hands down.  MPD retaliates with a snatch squad action by Organize Crime Unit paramilitaries.

Keedran Franklin’s Arrest.

Copwatch-1: Abuse of MPD DR 501 for false arrests.

Copwatch-2: MPD’s disguised political surveillance van.

Copwatch-3: The role of the State Fusion Centers in political surveillance

Copwatch-4: The militarization of MPD.

Sons of the Confederacy at Health Science Park, July 21st 2017 and the MPD response.

Our police series is ongoing.