Jason White files Writ of Habeas Corpus

Last week, we saw how Jason White had been sprited to a state prison more than 1,000 miles away using the Interstate Prisoner Transfer Compact, an obscure contractual framework for prisoner rendition. jason_white_cropToday we heard from Kimberly White, Jason’s mother, that Jason had filed, pro se, a writ of Habeas Corpus in the state district court where he is now housed.

Kimberly White has asked us not to publish the name of the state until Jason’s classification is complete and he knows the conditions of his confinement .   We are witholding this information for his safety.   It will become public record when his case is documented in the local court system.

We think that Jason’s story will raise some legal eyebrows in this other state, unaccustomed as they are to Amy’s skulduggery.

Kristn_cole_cropIn other news, Kristin Cole is filing a petition for post-conviction relief in the Tennessee courts.

Kristin was framed for Meth possession when Bartlett detectives substituted a new label with her address on a mis-addressed package found in the FedEx system.

Finally, we started a Change.org petition to Governor Bill Lee to recall Amy Weirich.


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