Death Row Snitch Jails 14

Death Row Inmate and 13 others convicted on bogus testimony.


Earley Story

Earley aka Earlie Story, the subject of our February 15th, 2019 blog, continues to litigate to prove his innocence from his 1999 conviction.   He is next in court on March 4th 2019 in Division VIII, Judge Chris Craft’s court.   Sharon Rondeau of The Post and Email updates on Mr Story’s current case.

Mr. Story received critical new information in the form of a Sheriff’s Department Confidential Informant (CI) ledger page for Alfredo Shaw, CI# 2282.    This ledger shows that Shaw did not have any activity on January 22nd 1997, the date he was supposed to have bought one pound of marijuana from Mr Story.

Mr Story’s case was first dismissed at the preliminary hearing by Judge Ann Pugh on April 3, 1997.   Subsequently, on April 29th, three otherwise blank  property releases were created to fabricate the marijuana transactions.  Alfredo Shaw was added to the case for the first time.  He objected to testifying at Mr Story’s trial.

Alfredo Shaw: career criminal and CI

Shaw contacted the media, including the Memphis Flyer’s Phil Campbell who made a tape of Mr Shaw explaining that he did not buy weed from Story and his co-defendants.   He also contacted Mr Story directly, who made this audio tape of the conversation.   This is poor quality audio but you can make it out.  Subsequently Shaw refused to testify.   The judge issued a warrant for Shaw’s arrest as a material witness.   When deputies served the warrant on Shaw, in September 1999, he attempted to take one deputy’s weapon and drove his car at another deputy, resulting in this charge of reckless endangerment on which he was sentenced to 364 days.   Shaw was forced to testify against Story despite his denials to the media and Story.

Alfredo-Shaw-mugshot-36147747.400x800Shaw’s criminal cases include 53 charges, from 1986 (when he was aged 20) to 2015, mostly misdemeanors and low-level class E felonies, including aggravated burglary, theft over $5000, domestic violence, fraud and vehicular offenses.   Here’s a selection of his dockets in Shelby Criminal Court.  As detailed in our Earley Story post, Shaw’s Sheriff’s Department Confidential Informant ledger for #2882 shows payments from 1991 to 1997.  He may have been a CI before 1991.   He also informed to MPD and, according to some sources, the FBI.

Alfredo Shaw’s other testimony

According to our sources, Shaw testified in about fourteen cases, including Earley Story’s, co-defendant Victor Campbell, death row inmate Tony Carruthers and one other defendant we have spoken with.    We are looking for the other ten defendants and are aware of a list which we believe we’ll have soon.

In the meantime we’ll look at the strange case of Tony Carruthers, which is the most egregious of Alfredo Shaw’s testimonial escapades.

Tony Carruthers

Tony Carruthers, Death Row Inmate

Tony Carruthers was convicted, with co-defendant James Montgomery, of murdering three people during the night of February 24 to 25, 1994.  Both defendants were  sentenced to death.  Montgomery was freed on appeal in 2015.

From the 2007 opinion from Carruthers’ direct appeal:  “After seeing a television news report about these killings in March of 1994, Alfredo Shaw had telephoned CrimeStoppers and given a statement to the police implicating Carruthers.  Alfredo Shaw later testified before the grand jury which eventually returned the indictments against Carruthers and Montgomery.  Prior to trial, however, several press reports indicated that Alfredo Shaw had recanted his grand jury testimony, professed that his incriminatory statements had been fabricated, and intended to formally recant his grand jury testimony when called as a witness for the defense.   Therefore, when Carruthers called Alfredo Shaw to testify, the prosecution announced that if he took the stand and recanted his prior sworn testimony, he would be charged with and prosecuted for two counts of aggravated perjury. In light of the prosecution’s announcement, the trial court summoned Alfredo Shaw’s attorney and allowed Alfredo Shaw to confer privately with him. Following that private conference, Alfredo Shaw’s attorney advised the trial court, defense counsel, including Carruthers, and the prosecution, that Alfredo Shaw intended to testify consistently with his prior statements and grand jury testimony and that any inconsistent statements Alfredo Shaw had made to the press were motivated by his fear of Carruthers and by threats he had received from him.”

Carruthers subsequently called witnesses and evidence to call into doubt Shaw’s evidence.  Carruthers says that he had not talked to Shaw between 1990, when they were in the same pod at 901 Poplar, and the 2010s.   We also note that Alfredo Shaw is still alive 25 years after giving evidence which calls into doubt death threats from Carruthers.   Shaw’s evidence is the only specific evidence that cites Carruthers’ plan to kill the named murder victims.   Other witnesses talk about vague plans to get rich after Carruthers’ 1993 release from jail.

What we do know is that Shaw called Crimestoppers, a hotline which pays informers. He publicly recanted his initial testimony in the media, in a similar manner to the way he tried to evade giving evidence against Earley Story.   He had to be coerced into giving evidence in both cases.   In the Story case he was arrested as a material witness, which he resisted and sentenced to 364 days for resisting arrest.   In Carruthers’ case he was threatened with two counts of aggravated perjury by prosecutors.   In both cases he was coerced into giving a version of a story the prosecution wanted, and we know that this was false testimony in the Story case.

Read more about Tony Carruthers on death row.

Alfredo Shaw – Informant

We know that Alfredo Shaw is a confidential informant, has been coerced into giving false testimony under oath and has publicly recanted this false testimony on two occasions.

We have spoken to three people he testified against, including Earley Story, and are actively seeking the others.

We believe that this one informant, Alfredo Shaw, has been used to convict people with the participation of prosecutors and law enforcement, and this represents a large miscarriage of justice in Shelby County.

Future Research

Celitria Watson (L) and April Malone

We plan to follow up on the other defendants who Shaw testified against, and are still following the cases of April Malone and Celitria WatsonEarley Story, and now Tony Carruthers.

We have a wealth of additional information we are still working on and are now looking into LE and prosecutorial misconduct as well as corrupt judges implicit in many of these conspiracies.  This series is ongoing.








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