Berlin Boyd District 7 Man of Mystery, Chapter 3: Press Protection

We wrote about Berlin Boyd’s bogus educational qualification and realtor license claims, his irrational attempt to defund Overton Park Conservancy and his complicity in a scheme to defraud the government in Chapter 1 of our Boyd series.

In Chapter 2, we went into detail about his false claims of being a realtor during the 2015 election cycle, and the case which Tennessee Real Estate Commission is taking against him.

berlin-boyd-profile-in-ca-screen-shot-2015-09-29-at-11-26-03-amThe most disturbing fact about Boyd’s many misrepresentations is that the Memphis media, including all the print and TV media and several online media, and also his leading opponents in District 7, were aware of Boyd’s misrepresentation of himself as a realtor during the 2015 election campaign, and not one of them mentioned anything about the scandal.

While every medium ignored Boyd’s lies, we view the Commercial Appeal as a leading cause of the problem, because they published false information.

On September 2nd, 2015, in this bio by Kyle Veazey, they published that he was a realtor, despite the fact that his real estate license had expired in July 2014.  They also said that he had a B.S. in Business Administration from New College, Stamford.   This is false.  New College Stamford does not offer bachelors degree in business, and they have no record of Boyd ever being registered there.   Chapter 1 deals with these issues and how easy they were to fact-check.   The reporter, Kyle Veazey, now works for the City, and this piece is fake news.

When I published Chapters 1 and 2 of Berlin Boyd – District 7 Man of Mystery, fact-checking and revealing the TREC case against him for his fraudulent realtorship claims, the media maintained their silence, despite a mail blast we did to dozens of reporters.

Ryan Poe, the City beat reporter for the Commercial Appeal, invited me to send him the material, which I did in a series of emails between November 8th and 11th 2016.   I sent all the information behind Chapter 1  and selected information from the TREC episode, including the case number and a list of the documents in the file.

I sent him the following links to articles in the CA archive: the Veazey Boyd profile and a piece on the day care raids in these emails. is a link I viewed and saved on November 26th 2016.  After sharing this link with Poe, it has since disappeared from the CA archive.  The Google cache is here.

Another link I shared with Poe, about the day care raids, viewed and saved on November 26th, is also missing from the CA archives.   The Google cache, viewed on January 9th, is also missing.  Here’s a copy of the Google cache, saved on January 9th 2017.

Ryan Poe, quoted from social media on January 9th, said: “we’ve had lots of problems with our archived articles. I’ll let the tech folks know that link is broken.”   I have a master’s degree in computer science and 32 years experience in IT, and my professional opinion is that a sysadmin that cannot maintain a simple, low-volume archive like this with 100% reliability would not keep his or her job for long, and would subsequently be unemployable.

Mr Poe also said that he was still ‘looking into’ the information I provided two months previously.   It took me about ten minutes to do the fact checking that Veazey should have done in 2015.   Mr Poe attends City Council meetings on Tuesdays and manages to meet the deadline for publication in the Wednesday paper.

On January 9th, I tried searching the CA archives using the publication dates of the missing pieces,  and what seemed like otherwise full issues were found.  I tried searching other candidate bios, also successfully.  I tried loading every CA article in my browser bookmarks and history.   I only found one other saved link which would not load, a January 2015 article about how Boyd recently moved into District 7.  I was unable to find a single Boyd 2015 candidate profile remaining on the Web, from any publication, although there was a 2014 profile from his County Commission run.

Boyd’s Linkedin profile, which mentioned his bogus degrees, has also been removed from public view since November.   It was changed in September, after TREC notified him of the case against him, to remove the false realtor claim.   It still contained a falsehood, that he had been a Council member continuously from 2011 to 2016, when it was removed.

I singled out the Commercial Appeal for criticism, because they published a fake bio of Berlin Boyd which subsequently has disappeared.   This is because I was in possession of contemporary screen grabs of bogus Boyd information and could verify that the information was there before it was removed.   I do not know if other publications also printed false Boyd information, other than what I documented in Chapter 1.

The rest of the Memphis media – the Flyer, the Daily News and the TV stations, also received information proving that his Realtor claims were false.  They chose not to publish it in 2015, and again when it was shared with them in January 2017.

Why is Boyd-related material disappearing from the record?   Why does The Commercial Appeal selectively lose Boyd material to their archive problem?   Why do the entire Memphis media remain silent on Boyd’s bogus bio and involvement in the day care frauds?  Is there a cover-up in progress?

Updated 2/13/2016:  TREC announced on February 10th that they had voted to close the case against Boyd.
We also learned that the 1978 Consent Decree between ACLU and City of Memphis forbids City of Memphis officials to “disseminate damaging, derogatory, false … information about any person”, like what Boyd said about me in his response to TREC .

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